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Serality Portal — Your community online

Just as a public-facing website is critical today, so is a private-online portal where members can access information, request and provide services, collaborate on projects, or just post recipes or news about local happenings. SeralityPortal is a secure environment where your members can log in and know that they are among friends within their community.

Older adults are the fastest growing segment of computer and internet users so if your members aren't online yet, they will be soon! In addition, caregivers and children really appreciate the insight they get when they can log on from wherever they are to see what is going on.

SeralityPortal provides organizations with a way to provide benefits of membership cost-effectively via the internet. Whether it is an article for members regarding local tax breaks for seniors, a discount for yoga classes, or a member message board with offers of a ride or maybe some furniture that is no longer needed, your community can really change the meaning of assisted living!

The SeralityPortal is a fully functional portal with tools that can be used to reflect your communities needs and mission. Some of the features include:

Shared Community Calendar -- Keep everyone on the same page with a community calendar of events. Events can include time and date, descriptions with photographs or web-links, embedded maps with printable directions, and can be exported to members' personal calendars.

Community Message Board  --  The twenty-first century equivalent of the cork board in the laundry room, the message board let's anyone post a message, ask a question, or respond. Whether they have tickets to the game that they can't use or have two seats in the car available in exchange for help carrying the groceries, it's all about helping each other and message boards are a great tool!

Community Wiki (knowledge base) -- Did you every think "Somone I know must know the answer to this"? Well, they probably do and the wiki is a great tool to capture the collective wisdom of your community and its members. Whether its information about local vendors, links to useful websites, or aging-related information, the wiki is a great way to store information in a searchable tool. Users can rate information and make comments, further adding to the value of entries. Entries can be made by the organization's leadership or by everyone. It's up to you!

Document and File Vault -- Have you ever worked on the "latest" version of a document you are editing with other members of your organization just to find out that it had already been changed by someone else? Do you have a secure central repository for all the by-laws, forms, and documents your members and staff need? SeralityPortal provides an easy to use Document and File Vault to get these important documents out of email and off of desktops and into a simple and secure online location. You can organize your information any way you like using folders and files just like on your desktop.

Informal Meet-ups -- Sometimes just knowing that other folks from the community are doing something is enough to motivate folks to join in. Meet-ups are a great way to let people know that you doing something and that company is welcome. Maybe you are walking around the pond or checking out the new show at the art gallery. The Meet-up tool lets folks know what's going on without a lot of fuss. No pressure, just an offer to meet and do something fun together.

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